Eternal Night

I used to think my mother was crazy.  At least until I woke up one day missing an entire year of my life.  I remembered nothing except the night I found her dead in our home.  Nothing of how I crossed an ocean.  Nothing of how I ended up in the manor my mother once lived in.

Now I know she was crazy.  Because I am too.  I feel it.  It drives me and is all I think about.  I want to know who stole my memory.  I want to know who murdered my mother.  I want the truth.

Unfortunately, every time I get an answer, it leads to more questions.  But I am determined to walk this path.  Even if it leads somewhere no one can follow.

I will soon learn that I am a mage of an ancient race who exist only in hiding.  I know it is true because I feel it—the power—coursing through my blood.  It controls me, and I let it.

I am Anna Valyria, and I am a student at Nightfall Academy, an elite training grounds for promising young mages disguised as a preparatory school in the English countryside.  As soon as I arrived I was causing a stir amongst the pureblooded mages who ran things.  I didn’t know what I was then, but he did.


It was, of course, after, I fell in love with him that I discovered a secret that would change how I felt about him.  Something I could never forgive him for.  What’s worse, and that I have yet to even realize, is that he knows who I really am.

And to protect my identity, he is willing to sacrifice everything.

Eternal Night
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