Q: How long did it take you to write it?

A: A long time.  Haha.  Really though, I’ve been working on the series as a whole since I was 19, and the first book has been rewritten at least five times since I first started, so it is really hard to say.  I probably finished the first draft in less than six months, but it was by no means “finished” at that point.  I had to finish the entire series before I could go back and really have a working draft of book one.  I am now in the process of turning two lengthy drafts of what used to be book two and three into book two through five now that I have the story line planned.

Q: Will this be a series?

A: Yes, there will definitely be five total in the series, and possibly a prequel story that will take place after.  I am still determining how long the prequel story line will be, but it could turn into more than one novel.  It was once a completely separate idea for a story.


Eternal Night
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